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Alternate Jerseys

Cottage Grove Hockey Association ONLY APPROVED Game Alternate Jersey & Socks

First Round Store closes Sunday, November 26 at 11:59pm CST

The Cottage Grove Hockey Association (CGHA) is delighted to announce the expansion of our annual APPROVED Alternate Jersey program. Your feedback has been heard, and in response, we are introducing a 100% Optional option, allowing teams to embrace a fresh, updated jersey each year. Responding to the enthusiastic demand from our members, CGHA is introducing the NEW 2024 Cream Jersey. Additionally, due to popular demand, we will be extending the RETRO Jersey (2022 + 2023), which was first introduced two seasons ago as our initial Alternate Jersey. Both jerseys are officially APPROVED and can be worn during Tournaments, Jamborees, District League Games, Scrimmages, and any on-ice competitive play sanctioned by USA Hockey.

The OPTIONAL Alternate jerseys and socks are accessible to all teams, both in-house and traveling, within the association. Ordering information is provided below, and for any inquiries, please reach out to Steve Johnson at Advanced Sportswear (contact information to the right).

Feel free to direct any questions or concerns to Steve Johnson, who will be happy to assist you with the ordering process and address any queries you may have.

100% Optional

Alternate Jerseys

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Advanced Sportswear

Phone: 651-459-5002

NEW Alternate Jersey (2024)

In our ongoing collaboration with Advanced Sportswear, we are excited to present the NEW 2024 update for Cream Wolfpack Hockey. Drawing inspiration from the recent season of the Minnesota Twins, who not only unveiled fresh uniforms but also secured their first postseason victory in 19 seasons by sweeping the Toronto Blue Jays in the two-game MLB Wild Card Series. The Cream series for this season pays homage to our local teams' success, reflecting the spirit of unity and teamwork exemplified by the Wolfpack way—playing together as a PACK! Congratulations to the 2023 Minnesota Twins for their remarkable achievements.

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Alternate Jersey (2022 + 2023)

In partnership with Advanced Sportswear the design is a take-off of the Minnesota North Stars away jersey introduced in 1978 and worn for the next decade through 1988.  This decade in Minnesota hockey was one of the best on record and saw seven (7) playoff births in ten (10) years and Minnesota's first appearance  in the Stanley Cup Finals (1980-81) vs. the Islanders.  No other chapter in Minnesota Hockey history has put together a winning culture as much as this decade.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks for the collaboration and design by local sportswear company and supporter of Cottage Grove Hockey Association Advanced Sportswear.