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RETRO Third Jersey (2022 + 2023)

By CGHA, 10/20/22, 1:00PM CDT


Cottage Grove Hockey Association (2 of 2)  APPROVED Game Alternate Jersey & Socks

Cottage Grove Hockey Association (CGHA) is proud to announce the addition of the third (Alternate) Jersey & Sock to our approved on-ice uniform.  In partnership with Advanced Sportswear the design is a take-off of the Minnesota North Stars away jersey introduced in 1978 and worn for the next decade through 1988.  This decade in Minnesota hockey was one of the best on record and saw seven (7) playoff births in ten (10) years and Minnesota's first appearance  in the Stanley Cup Finals (1980-81) vs. the Islanders.  No other chapter in Minnesota Hockey history has put together a winning culture as much as this decade (see table below).

This OPTIONAL third jersey & socks and is available for all teams within the association in-house and traveling.


Dye Sublimated 3rd Hockey Jersey

Dye Sublimated 3rd Hockey Jersey

Custom Sublimated Hooded Sweatshirt

Athletic Knit Hockey Sock

Inspiration & Design

(North Stars 1978 - 1988 Away Jerseys)

1978-1981 (Away)

1978-1981 (Away)

1981-1983 (Away)

1983-1984 (Away)

1984-1987 (Away)

1987-1988 (Away)

2021-2022 (Away)

North Stars Season Record (1977-1988)

Year Record Playoffs
1977-78 18-53-9 Out of playoffs
1978-79 28-40-12 Out of playoffs
1979-80 36-28-16 Won Preliminary (Maple Leafs) 3–0 Won Quarterfinals (Canadiens) 4–3 Lost Semifinals (Flyers) 4–1
1980-81 35-28-17 Won Preliminary (Bruins) 3–0 Won Quarterfinals (Sabres) 4–1 Won Semifinals (Flames) 4–2 Lost Stanley Cup Finals (Islanders) 4–1
1981-82 37-23-20 Lost Division Semifinals (Blackhawks) 3–1
1982-83 40-24-16 Won Division Semifinals (Maple Leafs) 3–1 Lost Division Finals (Blackhawks) 4–1
1983-84 39-31-10 Won Division Semifinals (Blackhawks) 3–2 Won Division Finals (Blues) 4–3 Lost Conference Finals (Oilers) 4–0
1984-85 25-43-12 Won Division Semifinals (Blues) 3–0 Lost Division Finals (Blackhawks) 4–2
1985-86 38-33-9 Lost Division Semifinals (Blues) 3–2
1986-87 30-40-10 Out of playoffs
1987-88 19-48-13 Out of playoffs

Special Thanks

Special thanks for the collaboration and design by local sportswear company and supporter of Cottage Grove Hockey Association Advanced Sportswear.