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Team Photos (UPDATED)

By CGHA, 11/06/18, 10:00AM CST



Please contact

Sarah Chlebeck

Photo Coordinator

Nov. 17 - 18th, 2018

Where: Cottage Grove Arena, West Meeting Room

  • Picture forms will be distributed by your coaches by Monday 11/12
  • Coaches please hand these out ASAP - they are in the office for you to pick up after Thursday 11/8
  • If you do not receive a form for some reason, please see attachment
  • There WILL be extra forms available at the team pictures on 11/17-11/18
  • Jersey's - if you do not have a jersey please discuss with your coach (there may be instances where the traveling teams may not have theirs in time)  We will make this work and may need to borrow from other teams.  (see coach for specifics)  
  • Be fully dressed in all gear except SKATES.  Don't forget your Hockey Stick!
  • We have the whole association running pictures these two days so please be ready and dressed for your scheduled time.  
  • Due to time constraints team pictures will be taken at the schedule time please do not be late or you could be missed.  



Team Date Time
Mite Boys Tier 2 White 17-Nov 8:45 AM
8U Girls Tier 1 Grey 17-Nov 9:20 AM
8U Girl Tier 1 White 17-Nov 9:20 AM
U4 Boys Black Mini Mites 17-Nov 9:40 AM
U4 Boys Green Mini Mites 17-Nov 9:40 AM
U4 Boys Red Mini Mites 17-Nov 10:00 AM
U4 Boys White Mini Mites 17-Nov 10:00 AM
Mite Boys Tier 2 Green 17-Nov 10:40 AM
8U Girls Tier 3 Black 17-Nov 11:00 AM
8U Girls Tier 2 Green 17-Nov 11:00 AM
U6 Black Mini Mites 17-Nov 12:00 PM
U6 Green Mini Mites 17-Nov 12:00 PM
U6 GreyMini Mites 17-Nov 12:20 PM
U6 Red Mini Mites 17-Nov 12:20 PM
Mite Boys Tier 2 Black 17-Nov 12:40 PM
U6 White Mini Mites 17-Nov 12:40 PM
Mite Boys Tier 1 Red 17-Nov 1:20 PM
Mite Boys Tier 1 White 17-Nov 1:20 PM
U5 Boys Black Mini Mites 17-Nov 1:40 PM
U5 Boys Green Mini Mites 17-Nov 1:40 PM
U5 Boys Red Mini Mites 17-Nov 2:00 PM
U5 Boys White Mini Mites 17-Nov 2:00 PM
6U Girls USA Blue 17-Nov 2:20 PM
4,5U Girls Light Blue 17-Nov 2:20 PM
4, 5U Girls USA Blue 17-Nov 2:40 PM
4, 5U Girls Gold 17-Nov 2:40 PM
Mite Boys Tier 1 Black 17-Nov 3:00 PM
Mite Boys Tier 1 Green 17-Nov 3:00 PM
4, 5U Girls Purple 17-Nov 3:20 PM
4, 5U Girls Maroon 17-Nov 3:20 PM
Mite Boys Tier 3 Grey 17-Nov 3:40 PM


Team Date Time
A Squirt 17-Nov 11:20 AM
C Bantam 17-Nov 11:40 AM
B2 Bantam 17-Nov 11:40 AM
U10B Black 17-Nov 1:00 PM
U10A 17-Nov 3:40 PM
C Squirt Green 17-Nov 4:00 PM
C Squirt Black 17-Nov 4:00 PM
U10B White 17-Nov 4:40 PM
B Squirt Black 17-Nov 5:20 PM
U10B Green 17-Nov 5:20 PM
B Squirt Green 18-Nov 11:00 AM
C Squirt Grey 18-Nov 11:20 AM
A Bantam game vs Woodbury 18-Nov 11:40 AM
C Squrt White 18-Nov 12:20 PM
B1 Peewee 17-Nov 10:20 PM*
AA Peewee Game vs Woodbury 18-Nov 12:40 PM
B2 Peewee Green 18-Nov 1:00 PM
B1 Bantam game vs Rosemount 18-Nov 1:20 PM
12B Game vs Eagan Green 18-Nov 2:00 PM
12A Game vs Woodbury 18-Nov 2:40 PM
C Peewee 18-Nov 3:00 PM
B2 Peewee Black 18-Nov 3:20 PM

*Correction from previous incorrect time