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Team Photos (UPDATED)

By CGHA, 11/21/17, 8:30AM CST


Picture UPDATE 11.26.17

  • Picture forms are up at the rink and coaches can pick them up
    • note: If you had a time change it will NOT be reflected on your form
  • Everyone must be on time since we are matching up with many ice times
  • Make up day for the out of town teams is 12/12 and reflected on times below


Sports Star Photography

Pictures are set up with Sports Star Photography for December 2nd and 3rd. (see below).  New this year we will be taking pictures at Cottage Grove Ice Arena in the West meeting room.  We have 48 team's scheduled over these two days so being on-time is a MUST.


Question Answer
What? Team Pictures
Where? Cottage Grove Ice Arena (West Meeting Room)
When? Dec 2 - 3rd (Times are posted below)
What do I need? Please have below order form filled out along with necessary payment info ready and with you prior to your time.
How should my player dress? Please suite up top to bottom except; NO Helmet & NO Skates


Sarah Chlebeck

Photo Coordinator


UPDATED 11.26.17

Note: Below times & Dates in RED are changes / updates from original schedule.

Team Day Date Time
Bantam - A Sat 2-Dec 2:00pm
Bantam - B1 Sun 3-Dec 3:20pm
Bantam - B2 Sun 3-Dec


Bantam - C




Peewee - A Sun 3-Dec


PeeWee - B1 Sat 2-Dec


PeeWee - B2 Green Sat 2-Dec


PeeWee - B2 Black Sun 3-Dec


PeeWee - C Sat 2-Dec 12:40pm
Squirt - A




Squirt - B Black Sat 2-Dec 10:20am
Squirt - B Green Sat 2-Dec 10:40am
Squirt - C Black Sun 3-Dec


Squirt - C Green Sun 3-Dec 1:20pm
Squirt - C White




Mite 3 - Black Sun 3-Dec 5:50pm
Mite 3 - Green Sun 3-Dec 6:10pm
Mite 2 - USA Blue Sun 3-Dec 4:40pm
Mite 2 - USA White Sun 3-Dec 5:00pm
Mite 1- Blue Sat 2-Dec 12:00pm
Mite 1 - Red Sat 2-Dec 12:00pm
Mini Mite - U6 Black Sun 3-Dec 8:00am
Mini Mite - U6 Green Sun 3-Dec 8:20am
Mini Mite - U6 Red Sat 2-Dec 9:20am
Mini Mite - U6 White Sat 2-Dec 9:40am
Mini Mite - U5 Black Sat 2-Dec 10:00am
Mini Mite - U5 Green Sat 2-Dec 10:00am
Mini Mite - U5 Red Sun 3-Dec 10:40am
Mini Mite - U5 White Sun 3-Dec 11:00am
Mini Mite - U4 Black Sat 2-Dec 2:20pm
Mini Mite - U4 Green Sat 2-Dec 2:20pm
Mini Mite - U4 Red Sat 2-Dec 2:40pm
Mini Mite - U4 White Sat 2-Dec 2:20pm
Girls 12U - A




Girls 12U - B Sun 3-Dec


Girls 10U - A Sat 2-Dec 11:00am
Girls 10U - B Black Sat 2-Dec 11:20am
Girls 10U - B Green Sat 2-Dec 11:40am
Girls 8U - Black Sun 3-Dec 9:00am
Girls 8U - Gray Sun 3-Dec 9:15am
Girls 8U - Green Sun 3-Dec 9:30am
Girls 8U - White Sun 3-Dec 9:45am
Girls 6U - Gold Sat 2-Dec 1:20pm
Girls 6U - Maroon Sat 2-Dec 1:00pm
Girls 4,5U - Blue Sat 2-Dec 9:00am
Girls 4,5U - Grey Sat 2-Dec 9:00am
Girls 4,5U - Purple Sat 2-Dec 9:20am
Girls 4,5U - Red Sat 2-Dec 9:40am

Order Form(s)

Picture forms are available for pick up by Coaches or Team Managers at CG Ice Arena in the front office.

  • NOTE: If you had a time change it will NOT be reflected on your form