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Hastings & Cottage Grove Co-Op for Girls 12U + 15U

By CGHA, 09/15/22, 10:14PM CDT


Raider Wolves

Girls 12U + 15U

Starting this season, 2022-2023, Hastings Hockey and Cottage Grove Hockey are entering a co-op at both 12U and 15U girls’ hockey levels. The goal of the co-op is to enable players to play and compete at the correct level for their skill development. This will set all players up for success. Additionally, by having like skilled teams, the coach can also be more effective at tailoring practice, challenging players to learn new skills, further develop in their hockey journey; all while having FUN. The players will be able to show their skills in games, develop new friendships and grow as a young person.

The season will kick off on Saturday, October 8th with the start of pre-tryout clinics for both levels. Pre-tryout clinics will help dust off the skates and introduce the drills that will be used within the tryout process. Pre-tryout clinics will be followed by tryouts. Both pre-tryout clinics and tryouts will alternate locations between Cottage Grove Arena and Hastings Civic Arena.

 Raider Wolves Jerseys 

 Raider Wolves Logo(s) 

 Raider Wolves Color(s) 

Color Name CMYK RGB Hex # Color Example
Raider Wolves Gold

C: 1

M: 18

Y: 99

K: 0

R: 255

G: 206

B: 5

Raider Wolves Grey

C: 39

M: 32

Y: 30

K: 1

R: 161

G: 161

B: 161


C:  75

M: 68

Y: 67

K: 90

R: 0

G: 0

B: 0


C: 0

M: 0

Y: 0

K: 0

R: 255

G: 255

B: 255