PHASE 3 FAQs    
Q:  Do I have to wear a mask?
A:   Masks are required inside arenas for ALL players, coaches and spectators.

Q:  Does my player have to wear a mask during practice or games?
A: Under Phase 3 guidelines, players do not have to wear a mask while on the ice for team activities. However Coaches are required to at all times 

Q:  Can I watch practice or help my child get ready for the ice?
A:   NO (Players age 11 +) should be dropped off at the rink and picked up afterward for practices and clinics. YES (Players 10 -) are allowed one (1) adult in the rink to help with equipment needs.  Those parents may remain in the rink to provide assistance to players if needed so long as parents remain socially distanced from others.

Q:  Will spectators be allowed at games?  
A:  A maximum of two (2) spectators per player are allowed for games under Phase 3 guidelines.  If facility policies are stricter, facility policies must be followed.  A complete list of D8