(Applies to Squirt/U10, Peewee/U12, Bantam/U15)

Every year, we struggle with jerseys, in 2016 we changed to player owned jerseys.  This year we are adding the number selection process for our CGHA traveling teams.  We are working with Advanced Sportswear on the jerseys.  Players can wear their jersey until they grow out of them, wear them out, or until the association redesigns the jerseys.

 NOTE: Other associations in our District (District 8); Lakeville, Farmington, Eastview and Apple Valley manage their jerseys this way as do many AAA hockey teams, soccer and baseball associations.   


  • Players will choose a number and then have the same number every year in CGHA
  • Eliminates the need for CGHA to store and manage the jerseys which is tedious and expensive for the association and then ultimately the player / parents.
  • Association owned jerseys get treated differently than player/parent owned jerseys.  We know from other associations, player owned are treated better and last longer.
  • We've bought jerseys on the cheap through the years -- Our stock is low and the quality isn't what we want.  This program allows a better quality of Jersey.