Number Selection

Links to pick numbers and order jerseys will become available on OPENS May 15th, at 12:00 PM

  • Players will pick a number from a list based on their year
    • 1st year players at their level will pick from ODD Numbers
    • 2nd year players at their level will pick from EVEN Numbers
  • Numbers are available on a first come, first serve basis
  • The number selected will then be that player’s number throughout their time in CGHA 

Last and MOST IMPORTANTLY - let’s help remind our players that they make the number; the number does not make them.

Jersey Number Selection

OPENS May 15th (5/15/19), at 12:00 PM


  • Q: Why change / add Jersey # selection process?
    • A: To eliminate jersey # collisions.  Since player owned jersey program was implemented in 2016 we have not had a fluid # selection process that will work year after year, it only worked in the existing year.  Example: Two players selected #8 but are on different teams in the current season but next year end up on the same team.  This creates a # collision where two (2) players have the same number.
  • Q: Why can’t my player select a number outside of their year (i.e. Odd vs. Even #’s)?
    • A: Simply due to the growing size of our association we have to implement systems that allow enough numbers to be available year after year for new incoming players while keeping in mind the collision issue of above.
  • Q: Can I re-use my jersey from previous season?
    • A: Yes* 
  • Q: Can I change my number from last season? 
    • A: Yes, you can if the number is still available, however you will need to order a new jersey at the replacement price
  • Q: Will goalies need to pick certain #'s?
    • A: No, Goalies are able to choose whatever number they would like.

*Previous #’s selected prior to the 2019-20 Season are grandfathered in and do NOT have to re-select player #’s to be on corrected ODD / EVEN cycle.  Note:  If some player choses to release his or her number and reselect they would have to follow current policy in place.