Suggestions for making the challenge of completing this program easier:

  1.  Get 25-50 pucks and shoot 4 sets of pucks to equal 100-200 pucks in a day. This should take around 20-30 minutes.

  2. Have a dedicated place to shoot either against a tarp or into a hockey net.

  3. Create a routine by choosing a given time that allows you to shoot each day at this given time. Shooting at the same time every day will support the repetition needed to create a habit. Like going to school each day.

  4. Plan ahead for days you know you can’t shoot by shooting more pucks the day before missing a workout. Do not shoot more the day after. Always do more before missing. It feels better knowing you’re ahead rather than behind.

  5.   Keep track of your shots on a chart. Have your chart signed by a parent, coach or mentor for validation of your efforts.

  6.  Work out with friends, parents and teammates to keep accountable to your final goal. Make it more fun by creating small competitions between players, families or other teams.  Push one another to ALWAYS complete each day’s goal.