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Cottage Grove Hockey

    2016-2017 Board Election Results


    The following individuals were elected to the open CGHA Board positions at the April 4th General Membership Meeting:

    A/B Director: Matt McMorrow
    Girls Director: Mike Post
    Co-Mite Director: Andrew Berling

    Each of these board members was elected to a two-year term. Congratulations and we look forward to working with you for the next two years!


    State is Great!


    Two teams from Cottage Grove made it through regional play Feb. 26-28 to advance to the State Tournament March 11-13. The Peewee B1 and Peewee AA teams both placed 2nd in regions to earn their state tournament berths.

    Congratulations to both teams on a successful season!

    For more information on state tournaments visit


    Thank you to our hockey family

    To our hockey family,

    We want to thank our Cottage Grove hockey family for their generous support and kind prayers as we struggle through the devastating illness that has struck our son Josh. Josh is an A Bantam and has played hockey in the CGHA since he was four years old.

    At age five he was diagnosed with a rare condition called Multi-Organ Autoimmune Disease. Basically Josh's immune system is attacking the major organs in his body as if they were transplanted. He has been recently hospitalized at Children's Hospital in St. Paul due to complications of the disease attacking his pancreas and liver.

    On Saturday December 12th surgeons removed Josh's gall bladder which had grown to the size of a baseball. An examination of his liver and bile ducts indicated that the disease has attacked and damaged his liver. We are awaiting the results of biopsies taken at the time of the surgery which will help the doctors determine the extent of the damage to his liver and the speed at which the disease is progressing. It is likely that Josh will need a liver transplant if the disease can't be slowed down or stopped.

    Again, thank you all for your wonderful kindness and the love and support you have showered on our family as we try to understand and accept this devastating news.

    Andy & Katie Karels

    Help out Josh as he battles this tough disease!

    Please click on the link to learn more about Josh's battle and how you may be able to help.

    Upcoming Association Events

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    State of Hockey Pays Your Dues Sweepstakes

    Hockey getting expensive? Click the link for more information on how your can get your 2016-2017 hockey costs covered in the "State of Hockey Pays Your Dues" sweepstakes.

    Online Trophy Case

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    We Want Your Trophies!

    Did your team recently earn a trophy at a tournament? We'd love to show it off proudly in the new CGHA Trophy Case.

    Please click below to contact Joe Wegele to add your trophy to the case.

    Joe Wegele

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