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    Cottage Grove Hockey

      CGHA Culver's Night Dec. 12th


      Come join CGHA for a Family Night Fundraiser on Monday, December 12th from 5:00pm-7:00pm at the Cottage Grove Culver's. There will be face painting and pictures with Santa! Take a night off from cooking and help raise funds by simply eating a meal.


      Thank You Western Refining!


      Thank you to Western Refining, a proud sponsor of Cottage Grove Hockey Association.

      Thank you to our sponsors!

      Team Pictures


      Team pictures for the 2016-2017 season will take place on December 6th and 7th at Oltman Middle School in St. Paul Park. Forms can be picked up by Coaches and Managers for their teams in the CG Arena office.

      **Note: Please use the pool entrance for both evenings to avoid disturbing other events taking place at the same time.**

      Tuesday, December 6th
      5:30pm: Peewee A, Peewee B1
      5:50pm: Girls 8U USA Glue, Girls 8U USA White
      6:10pm: Girls 12UB, Girls 8U 3-Day White
      6:30pm: Peewee B2 Black, Girls 8U 3-Day Green
      6:50pm: Girls 10UA, Girls 10UB
      7:10pm: Girls 15UA, Squirt A
      7:30pm: Squirt B, Squirt C Black
      7:50pm: Bantam B2, Bantam C
      8:10pm: Squirt C Gold, Squirt C Green
      8:30pm: Squirt C White, Peewee B2 Green
      8:45pm: Bantam A, Peewee C

      Wednesday, December 7th
      5:30pm: Mite Tier 1 Flyers, Mite Tier 1 Ducks, Mite 2-Day Kings
      5:50pm: Mite Tier 1 Wild, Mite Tier 1 Rangers, Girls 4U USA Blue
      6:10pm: Mite Tier 3 White, Mini-Mite Jr. Ducks, Mite 2-Day Coyotes
      6:30pm: Mini-Mite Jr. Wild, Mini-Mite Jr. Coyotes, Girls 5U USA Blue
      6:50pm: Mini-Mite Jr. USA Blue, Mini-Mite Jr. Red Wings
      7:10pm: Mini-Mite Jr. USA White, Mini-Mite Jr. Rangers, Girls 5U USA White
      7:30pm: Mite Tier 2 Green, Mite Tier 2 USA White
      7:50pm: Mite Tier 2 USA Blue, Girls 6U Flyers, Girls 6U Rangers
      8:10pm: Bantam B1

      If you have questions regarding pictures, please contact C Director Jim Anderson at


      Level 2 and Level 3 CEP Coaching Clinics

      Cottage Grove is hosting two coaching clinics in December.

      Level 2 - Sunday, December 11th, 8am-4pm
      Level 3 - Sunday, December 18th, 8am-4pm

      Visit to register


      Secondary Registration OPEN


      With all traveling teams formed, and 3-Day Mite teams soon to be formed, it's time for member families to complete Secondary Registration.

      Why do we need a secondary registration?

      This year all boys traveling players initially registered at the lowest level and corresponding player fee to avoid having to issue multiple refunds to those that did not make a team with higher player fees. This registration makes up the difference in those fees between the C level and the level at which your son is playing.

      3-Day Mite registrants registered at the Tier 1/2 level so that only Tier 3 families would need to perform a Secondary Registration.

      Other situations for needing a Secondary Registration include:

      • New Girls 15U - initially registered as 12U
      • New Girls 10U - initially registered as 8U
      • New Squirt - initially registered as Mite/3-Day Mite
      • New 3-Day Mite - initially registered as 2-Day Mite

      Please click "Secondary Registration" to the left to begin your Secondary Registration. Payment plans are available for those teams with larger fees.

      Online Trophy Case

      Don't see your team's tournament picture in the slide show anymore? Check out the online trophy case by clicking on "CGHA Online Trophy Case" on the left.

      We Want Your Trophies!

      Did your team recently earn a trophy at a tournament? We'd love to show it off proudly in the new CGHA Trophy Case.

      Please click below to contact Joe Wegele to add your trophy to the case.

      Joe Wegele

      Trophy Case Volunteer

      Click HERE to share a photo and/or hockey story with the CGHA community. After submission, your photo & story will be evaluated and then posted!